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"I have known Zizi as a friend for many years. Therefore, I was thrilled
when she said that she would create my custom web site design.
Having a limited knowledge of the process involved, Zizi put my mind
at ease and completely took on the project. We had a meeting at the
beginning of the process. She asked me a number of very pointed
questions to find out what my goals were. I figured that we would
have several meetings before arriving at a conclusion, but to my
delight, she emailed me only a few days later, with this wonderful
“dezine”. I was really pleased with not only the flow of the site,
but with its simplicity. What she did was very creative.

I really feel that she was able to capture “me” in the web design.
As a professional singer, the image which one has is critical.
That first impression is paramount. I felt that Zizi completely
understood the importance of that for me. Now, if I could just
get her to be my agent!"

Cindy Townsend - Soprano 

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