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We have made three important criteria the cornerstones of our web design philosophy:
visual attraction, clear messages, ease of use


The Internet is after all a visual medium. Custom web site design should take maximum advantage of the the medium to convey your message. We believe that the only way for your website to be visually attractive, relevant and unique is for its design to carefully blend
together the “feel” of the products/services you offer with the nature of your primary target audience and to brand this blend by stamping on it the uniqueness of your own personality,
or corporate image. Achieving this three-way blend will make your web site truly unique – the difference that will make it stand out in a crowd.

This difference cannot be achieved by using standard templates, which tend to homogenize the appearance of websites. Only custom web site design can deliver true differentiation.
Zizi Volford-Hull prides herself in taking the time up-front to understand your business, its uniqueness and its market in order to create for you a web design that sets you apart from the crowd.


Combined use of words, images and motion

While visual image is of vital importance in custom web site design, it is also very important that your message is clear. To achieve this clarity, your web site design must take advantage of the flexibility of the Internet. The combined use of words, images and motion to convey your message gives the Internet the same flexibility as TV advertising, except that you are not constrained by time.

Your main messages should be delivered in concise, clear language – even in headline format. Those messages should be reinforced by the use of images or photos that are “real” – i.e. directly related to your products or services. “Movies” can be used to attract attention, either emphasizing the words or giving visual examples. The important thing is to be clear about what message your website design is trying to convey and to be careful not to have
too many messages at once.

Present messages in layers of increasing detail
Paradoxically though, custom web design has the beauty of being expandable. Potential customers who have a passion for detail, a desire to truly understand your business, need not be constrained. By clever web design and the liberal use of “bookmarks” and “links” you can provide in a custom web site design an amazing amount of detail. Remember though, that you have a varied audience - those who like detail versus those who want to quickly understand and decide. Your website design needs to carefully consider both by providing the information in layers of increasing detail – brief clear messages to convey the essence of your product/service offering, on the one hand; but on the other hand, you should also provide
access to detail for those who want to know more. Do not force those who want quick understanding to wade through all the detail to get your point.

We use this layered approach to structure the information on your website.


We have all heard the expression “user-friendly”. This is particularly important in web site design. There are so many web sites out there, so many competitors, that if your web site is hard to use, the visitor will quickly get frustrated and move on. It is very important that in the web design process you spend time to put yourself “in the shoes of the user”. Ask yourself what it is they most need to know, ask others to tell you what they expect to find, get friends
and family to navigate around the site. Make sure that your site has none of those infuriating “dead-ends”.

We take special care with web site navigation. We spend extra time trying to imagine ourselves as users of the site. We also take extra care to ask “outsiders” who were not involved in the web design process to audit our sites from an “ease of use” viewpoint. Ease of use is a vital part of our custom web design philosophy.

We create custom web sites that are visually attractive,
easy to use and convey clear messages

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