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The story of Pipacs és Pillangó Pince in pictures

The beginning

In 2012, we purchased two adjacent pieces of land, one with a tiny vineyard and some fruit trees and the other covered by a jungle of wild grapes. We cleared the land completely, had the soil tested to get permission to plant a new vineyard populated with Cabernet Franc and Merlot grapes; we sank a borehole to provide us with a water supply and started on the journey of our dreams.

The soil in our vineyard was declared by the experts to be ideal for the grapes we were intending to plant. In the early summer of 2013, with the help of an expert crew, we planted the Cabernet Franc vines followed later that autumn by the Merlot.
The early summer of 2013 was hot and very dry. There was no rain for a period of more than 7 weeks. Our young vines were in danger. To help them survive, we had to water by hand each individual Cabernet Franc vine at least twice per week. These young vines became our “babies” for the period of the drought. Thank goodness we had the borehole to provide us with water!

The wonders of nature

Every year we have the privilege of watching in awe as Mother Nature transforms the dry, brown sticks that are our vines at the end of the winter into the beautiful, full-bodied, dark green vines that give birth to the dark blue grapes from which we make the Pipacs és Pillangó red wines. This amazing transformation happens in the 8 months from March to October. It is indeed a true Wonder of Nature.

Every year Mother Nature takes us on this incredible journey – she is in charge.
Same vineyard, same vines – but each year, the journey is a different one.


The press house and cellar

There was a small cellar under our house which needed to be re-designed and turned into a working space fit for our wine-making plans. We used the time while the grape vines were gaining strength to gradually expand the cellar and build a new press house. It was a gradual process because, at the same time, we were buying grapes and improving our wine-making skills. We used these annual “rehearsals” to get ourselves and our processes ready for the launch this small boutique winery.


Our wine selection

Pictured below are the wines that we currently have for sale:

Olaszrizling 2020

Irsai Olivér 2020

Orio Cuvée 2020

Pipacs Rozé 2019
The perfect spritzer!
Pipacs Rozé 2020
Cabernet Franc 2018
Merlot 2018

We also have in safe storage other red wines (from the 2019 and 2020 vintages) that we judge are still too young to be offered for sale. We will probably put the full-bodied 2019 vintage on the market later this year. Our judgement is that the 2020 vintage is unlikely to be fully ready for your drinking pleasure before the late summer or autumn of 2022.


The wine terrace

Above our new press house we designed and had built a wine terrace designed for our own daily use and for conducting wine tastings. We encourage you to come and visit us, sit on our wine terrace and taste the latest Pipacs és Pillangó wines (see CONTACT US).

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