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From creation to ongoing maintenance … we do it all
VH Web DeZine offers a full range of design services to help companies create a “look” for their business – an image. Our design capabilities include custom logo design, business card
and letterhead design, publicity flyers and brochures, presentation materials and of course, custom web site design. We also offer text editing services to help you to get your message
across on your web site and in your other marketing literature. In addition, we provide a service to help you with domain name registration, set up with a web hosting company. From beginning to end, working in close co-operation with you, we can manage the whole process.


We take extra care to understand your needs
Before starting work on a custom web site design, we invest the time to ensure that we understand our client’s business, know their target market, have clarity about the main message or impression they want their web design to convey and that we have a good understanding of their own personal likes and dislikes – in colours, styles, “look and feel”. This latter input is often best communicated by asking our clients to surf the web and give us the addresses of any web page design they really like and also of pages they dislike. From this input we can create a custom web design concept that is uniquely tailored for each client.


We create a look, just for you
Often the biggest challenge in custom web design is settling on the “look” of a web site. Many of our clients want us to help them to create or to re-design their image, starting with a custom logo design. Capturing the “look” is a truly creative process; it is not in any way mechanical. The creative ideas for this work come at the strangest times. This part of our work does not confine itself to 9 - 5 office hours, but it is the part that we consider our strength and that we enjoy most.


Our web sites are custom built for each client
We do all of our creative design work in a very interactive way. We communicate regularly and often with our clients and we thrive on and learn from that interaction. For each of our clients we create a private “window” within our own website, with a special address that is private, between our client and us. With each step in the creative process, we post the work-in-process to their phantom web and notify our client asking for their feedback. This continuous interaction is an important part of the way we work. Our clients are involved every step of the way in the creation of their custom web site. This way we avoid surprises or disappointments and we save time. The end result of working collaboratively with our clients, in partnership, is a web site design that uniquely reflects them – custom built for their needs.  


Custom built doesn’t necessarily mean expensive
We specialize in custom web design which means that all the web sites we design are created specifically for our clients. We do not use standard templates and we have no standard formats.
Each of our designs is unique, the end product is the property of our client and therefore, it reflects the client, the nature of their business and their target audience. Our charges for custom web design are very competitive.

One of the nice things about a website is that it can grow incrementally. You can start with a small site and add to it over time. Using this incremental approach enables you to grow your web site as your business grows. It is not about price, it’s about quality. It is our belief that it will pay you to establish your “image” and create a unique, personalized web site, right from the start; you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.


We upgrade existing web sites, without starting over
Your business may have reached a stage where it has outgrown your existing web site. However, like people, no web site is all-bad. Some elements of your existing site (colours, Logo, tag lines, overall layout, text, images, photography) are almost certainly worth preserving. It isn’t always essential to reinvent the wheel. But please bear in mind that you cannot achieve change without making some changes, probably some that are fundamental. We will work with you to preserve the best elements of your existing web site and yet, create for you a new, upgraded custom web design that is commensurate with your current needs.


We create custom built templates for a DIY website
We have several clients who understand the fundamentals of creating a web site and have learned how to use some of the basic software (like FrontPage). They know the basics but they don’t understand some of the finer points and, above all, they are not web designers. However, they want a “designer look” to their website.

We can create that designer look for clients and produce for them a set of unique “designer” templates. Taking into consideration their level of skill, we can set up the templates in such a way that it is easy for them to “finish the job” by adding text or even extra pages, if required. Don’t let your own design limitations prevent you from having a professionally designed custom web site.

VH Web DeZine can provide the necessary combination of creativity and technical design skills; we are professional web designers.

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