Zita (Zizi) was born in Veszprém and grew up in Balatonfüred. As a young woman, she lived and worked in Germany and Austria. Later she lived in Canada for 11 years. In addition to Hungarian, she is fluent in both German and English. David was born in London, grew up in Zimbabwe and lived for
33 years in Canada. In 2007, when David retired, we moved to live permanently in the village of Lovas, beside beautiful Lake Balaton.

Zizi attended wine school in Balatonfüred in 2007 and graduated in May 2008. We started making white wine in 2008 at the cellar of friends in Lovas, learning from them and learning also by doing.
We spent 5 years working with our good friends before we started making wine on our own. Pipacs és Pillangó Pince was formed in 2012 when we decided that we would like to make red wine because we believe that the Balaton wine region is also suited to the production of high quality red wines. We bought a small piece of land, cleared it completely and started from scratch. We planted our Cabernet Franc grapes in the early summer of 2013 and our Merlot grapes were planted in the autumn of that same year. While our grape vines were gathering their strength, we decided to purchase some Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes and begin learning to make red wine. In all, we spent three years (2013 to 2015) “learning by doing” in order to feel comfortable working with red grapes and confident that we could move on to he next stage of making red wine. It was a very different process than we had learned by working with white wine. We had to do a significant amount of research, reading of books and talking with red wine makers. We had a lot to learn and only three years to get ourselves ready.

In 2016, when our vines were just 3 years old, we had the first partial harvest from our own vineyard. This was a year earlier than we had expected and it caught us by surprise, a very welcome surprise. It was an exciting moment for us. As it turned out, 2016 was a “baptism by fire”. The 2016 season was dominated by a single extreme weather event. On July 13th a fierce hail storm tore along the north shore of Lake Balaton. Some wine makers lost all their grapes and most of us lost some. In our vineyard we estimated that 40% of the grapes were seriously damaged. Wine maker’s lesson number one – during the growing season, Mother Nature is in charge! Today, we make red, rosé and white wine - seven different wines in all.



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